1.Deployment Services: Encompasses a broad range of deployment requirements including Refresh (routine replacement of aged IT equipment) and deployment of devices specified in users’ individual requests and Work Requests. The technical staff engaged in the deployment is required to work closely with the IRS PMO (Program Management Office) to provide continuous improvement in the quality and quantity of deployed systems.

2. Desk Side: Deskside technicians provide on-site support for incident resolution when remote support is unable to provide a solution. They provide support for on-site delivery of work products and supplemental support as needed for remote delivery, and provide prompt and professional resolution of IRS end-user incidents and problems. The technicians also provide end-user support, troubleshooting assistance to resolve end-user incidents, and coordinate with other MITS organizations or vendors to resolve end-user incidents. Desk Side support is intended to provide “physical touch” remediation for Hardware and Software incidents when that is required. Nonetheless, there are times when Desk Side technicians can and should use remote tools to remediate an incident that Service Desk was not able to fix. Those activities are as described in the previous paragraph.

1. Deployment Services:

a. Receipt/asset control of systems for deployment

b. Validate SW inventory of target system and insure “build to order” accuracy of replacement system

c. Correction of discrepancies identified, and root cause analysis to prevent future discrepancies.

d. Execution of Pre-capture checklist required to assure success of the Altiris Deployment Solution capture activity

e. Issue request for execution of Altiris Deployment Solution against target and replacement workstations

f. Set up replacement workstation at user location

g. Test and confirm customer satisfaction

h. Remove and execute asset control procedures to excess the refreshed target system

2. Desk Side:

The Contractor shall provide the IT support for equipment connected to the Local Area Networks (LAN) at IRS locations. The majority of the work will be for hardware and software installed on the workstation, peripheral devices, configuration and connectivity to the LAN.

Incidents will be assigned to the technicians using the IRS incident management system, which is an implementation of HP’s Service Manager COTS product.

Each technician will manage his/her incident inventory in a manner that results in resolution of a minimum of 5 tickets in each 8 hour period while engaged in this effort, once they have been provided with training and familiarization with IRS Deskside SOPs.

Support consists of:

a.Replace aged IRS equipment and outdated software, i.e., Refreshment

b.Repair, day-to-day operations;



e.Move/Add/Change equipment processes;

f.Enterprise Service Desk referrals (KISAM tickets);

g.Technical instruction on the maintenance of the equipment and customer instruction on the use of the equipment;

h.System maintenance and upgrade.

Services include, but are not limited to:

a.technical support;

b.receiving trouble reports;

c.problem determination;

d.problem resolution;

e.hardware/software installation;

f.hardware/software upgrades;

g.hardware/software maintenance;

h.peripheral repairs and maintenance;

i.equipment inventory;

j.informal customer instruction;

k.relocation of computer equipment;

l.assembly/disassembly of computer accessories (for example, storage racks);

m.limited wiring and technical assistance on an “as needed” basis on servers,

n.routers and wiring;


The Contractor will bring the workstation to full operating capability or escalate to the next level or open a new ticket. Upon completion of the workstation installation, the Contractor will document the work performed, to include:

a.Work order number;

b.Brief narrative of actions to accomplish the work order;

c.Date and time of completion of work order plus total hands-on time, including testing and user interface;

d.IRS inventory number(s), equipment type, and equipment serial number;

e.Software name, version (if applicable) and license number; or COE version (if applicable).

The Contractor shall sign the work order via ticketing system certifying fully successful installation. This documentation will be provided to the IRS Task Manager and Project Manager (if necessary) upon completion of the work order.

* Company: IRS/ U.S. Treasury Department
* $16.00 an hour

* Full time contract position (Monday-Friday)

* Benefits- Paid Holiday, Vacation Time, 401K, Medical, Holiday pay
* Paid weekly
* Hours: M-F (7-3, 8-4)

Below is what is needed for you to pass your background check. If you have issues with 1-4 it does not automatically exclude you from the position. You will just have to speak with my security department for further clarification:

(1) your taxes are up to date

(2) haven't been convicted of a crime/felony charges in the past 7 years (unless it was expunged)

(3) U.S. Citizen-no green card holder

(4) have not declared bankruptcy within the last 7 years (unless it was expunged) and/or other circumstances

If interested please send me your resume in word format. apply http://jobview.monster.com/getjob.aspx?jobid=110138944&WT.mc_n=Indeed_US&from=indeed