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Tanker Owner Operators & Drivers Wanted! POSITIONS OPEN IN SEVERAL STATES

Posted by 2C4F Administrator on Wednesday, August 31, 2016, In : HIRING (JOB LEADS) 

Drive for Dana!

 The Dana Companies have been in exsistence since 1970! The founder of our company, Ron Dana, was a lease operator hauling hazardous commodities in the late 1960's. Observing some inefficiencies and missing servides for the customer he was hauling for, Mr.Dana bought some of his own trailers, and started contracting his services. His business sense and service offerings soon required the purchase of more equipment, the hiring of drivers and dispatch staff.



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Electric Pallet Jack Operator Fayetteville, Arkansas

Posted by 2C4F Administrator on Monday, June 27, 2016, In : HIRING (JOB LEADS) 

$10.50 an hour

1st Employment is seeking employees to drive electric pallet jacks for warehouse in Fayetteville. Employees will be responsible for pulling orders, palletizing orders and driving electric pallet jacks either in the dry or freezer portions of the warehouse.

*Must be able to lift 50-100lbs throughout shift *Must have good math skills *Must be able to pass 5 panel drug screen *No sexual or violent felonies within the past 7 years

All Position are Fu...

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Live Haul Driver Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Posted by 2C4F Administrator on Wednesday, June 15, 2016, In : HIRING (JOB LEADS) 

This position is responsible for the transport and delivery of freight on time in a professional manner by driving diesel-powered tractor trailer combinations short and or long distances, while complying with Department of Transportation rules and regulations, maintaining a safe work environment, and adhering to Tyson policies and procedures.



Applicant must have an active Class A CDL. You need one (1) year verifiable tractor trailer driving experience. Must have operated a truck ...

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Evisceration Huntsville, Arkansas

Posted by 2C4F Administrator on Tuesday, May 10, 2016, In : HIRING (JOB LEADS) 

Job duties for Debone- cuts up some turkeys into parts: breast meat, legs/drums, thighs, and wings. This work is done in the debone department. These jobs require the use of knives to cut turkey parts off of whole turkeys as they move through the department on a cone line. Other jobs in this department use knives and scissors to cut and to trim the deboned turkey parts. This department stays at about 40° F (4° C) throughout the year, and it is a damp working environment.


General R...

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General Laborer Fort Smith, Arkansas

Posted by 2C4F Administrator on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, In : HIRING (JOB LEADS) 

$12 an hour

I am currently looking to hire 4 General Laborers in the Fort Smith, AR Area. Must have clean background (Felonies over 7 years) Reliable Transportation, Own PPE equipment. This job is manual labor with use of ladders and must not be scared of heights. The candidates will be helping move Materials and Installing Ceiling Panels. Need 6 months Construction experience.

Pay: $11.00 - $12.00

Assignment - Estimated completion date on project 05/19/2...

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NTS Current OPENINGS! Fort Smith, Arkansas

Posted by 2C4F Administrator on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, In : HIRING (JOB LEADS) 
1801 Cavanaugh Road
Fort Smith, AR 72908

Current Openings

OTR, .38cpm, home weekly, drop and hook

Seasonal, $400 on call minimum, unload and load incentives

P/T Shuttle Driver, $12 hourly, 1pm to 9pm, 4 nights a week

Contact out office at 479-646-7241

-Must be 23 years of age
-Within the last three (3) years, driver must have a minimum of one year of verifiable driving experience, or school plus 6 months of experience.
-Must be able to read and speak English
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Need Concrete Finishers, Mixer Drivers For Slipform Paving Project Little Rock, Arkansas

Posted by 2C4F Administrator on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, In : HIRING (JOB LEADS) 
compensation: Pay Based On Experience

employment type: full-time

Looking for Concrete Mixer Truck Drivers, Concrete Finishers, and General Laborers for a paving project at Little Rock Air Force Base. We are especially interested in hiring people with Slipform Paving experience.

Must be able to pass drug screen and not have any active warrants (No Felony Convictions With In The Last 10 years)

Tommy call or text (501) 940-8336

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Packers/ Part time/Full time Searcy, Arkansas

Posted by 2C4F Administrator on Friday, January 8, 2016, In : HIRING (JOB LEADS) 

*Applicant must NOT have or have had a felony charge in the last 10 years.

We are a full service moving company located in Searcy, AR. We are looking for part time and full time packers. Must be able to lift 50 pounds and stand for extended *periods of time. Must be capable of working long hours of strenuous work, be on time, be able to work Monday thru Saturday, have reliable transportation to and from work, have reliable means of communication (example cel...

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Maintenance Tech Bentonville, Arkansas

Posted by 2C4F Administrator on Thursday, January 7, 2016, In : HIRING (JOB LEADS) 
compensation: $20 per hour

employment type: full-time

Maintenance Tech needed for a technology company in Bentonville. (The job is in Rogers right now but will move to Bentonville in med-February). This is kind of a jack of all trade spot. They need someone with electrical knowledge, plumbing knowledge, welding, machine maintenance, can build a table if needed, etc. The hours are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday - Friday.

Must have 18 months of verifiable work history
Must have reliable...

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About Me

2C4F CEO My name is Mae Hughes. I am the founder of 2ND CHANCES 4 FELONS. I started this company because of the hardships I faced as a felon trying to turn my life around. I looked for help but could not find any. I asked people for suggestions, I went to several places and even searched the internet but STILL could not find real help. I found it very hard to get people to see past the fact that I am a convicted felon. I went to countless interviews explaining my situation and how much I have changed. Yet and still no one would hire me. I was at my breaking point and BEYOND frustrated so I made a decision to NOT ONLY HELP MYSELF BUT OTHERS AS WELL. Instead of getting angry and giving up, I did the opposite. I turned my NEGATIVE into a POSITIVE and created this company hoping to ease the struggles that other felons may face. I created this company solely for the purpose of helping felons to know that there are second chance opportunities available to them. My main purpose is to reduce the number of felons who give up because they think that there is not any help available for them. I attended the University of Phoenix and received an Associate's degree in Business in 11/2012. I am a mother and my children are my everything, and the reason for me wanting to do and be better. My hope is that this company will be able to provide HELP where HELP IS GREATLY NEEDED !! I pray that the information I am providing can offer assistance with helping felons who are looking for a way to prove to society that there are some of us who deserve a second chance and who are willing to PROVE it through our CURRENT actions.


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