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DIRECTV Installers in San Francisco & San Leandro and surrounding areas, CALIFORNIA

Posted by 2C4F Administrator on Wednesday, August 5, 2015, In : HIRING ( JOB LEADS ) 
We Need DIRECTV Installers in San Francisco & San Leandro and surrounding area's. . $75/$17
We offer The Best Pay with National Rates for Experienced Certified Technicians

We Will Train You, No Experience Needed. We Will help you become Certified:

Jones NCTI
Service 2012

To Qualify You Must Have:
No Felonies in last 9 years
Reasonably Clean Driving Record
Ability to Pass a Drug Test
Valid Driver's License
Van, Truck or SUV
Installation tools
College degree ...
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Installers/Techs Lansdale, Pennsylvania

Posted by 2C4F Administrator on Monday, June 8, 2015, In : HIRING ( JOB LEADS ) 

Bethlehem Pike at Trewigtown Road

compensation: Hourly pay based on work history and experience

Installers needed; Full Time/Part Time; -WILL TRAIN- Home Improvement Contractor seeks help installing weatherstripping, caulking, foam, insulation and other energy saving products into residential houses. Paid training, paid holidays, paid ...

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Bilingual Entry Level Graphic Installer (Northwest) Houston, Texas

Posted by 2C4F Administrator on Monday, May 18, 2015, In : HIRING ( JOB LEADS ) 
compensation: $11-DOE

Immediate Hire!

Bilingual Entry Level Graphic Installer Workers need it asap!

Must have 2-year and recent Experience with:
Installing/Customer Services
Own Transportation
Driver License and Social Security Card
Bi-Lingual English and Spanish is plus
$11.00-13( DOE) an hour - Lots of Overtime
1st and 2nd shift available

Must pass: Background. no felonie...

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About Me

2C4F CEO My name is Mae Hughes. I am the founder of 2ND CHANCES 4 FELONS. I started this company because of the hardships I faced as a felon trying to turn my life around. I looked for help but could not find any. I asked people for suggestions, I went to several places and even searched the internet but STILL could not find real help. I found it very hard to get people to see past the fact that I am a convicted felon. I went to countless interviews explaining my situation and how much I have changed. Yet and still no one would hire me. I was at my breaking point and BEYOND frustrated so I made a decision to NOT ONLY HELP MYSELF BUT OTHERS AS WELL. Instead of getting angry and giving up, I did the opposite. I turned my NEGATIVE into a POSITIVE and created this company hoping to ease the struggles that other felons may face. I created this company solely for the purpose of helping felons to know that there are second chance opportunities available to them. My main purpose is to reduce the number of felons who give up because they think that there is not any help available for them. I attended the University of Phoenix and received an Associate's degree in Business in 11/2012. I am a mother and my children are my everything, and the reason for me wanting to do and be better. My hope is that this company will be able to provide HELP where HELP IS GREATLY NEEDED !! I pray that the information I am providing can offer assistance with helping felons who are looking for a way to prove to society that there are some of us who deserve a second chance and who are willing to PROVE it through our CURRENT actions.


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