Minimum Requirements:
Must have a valid driver’s license with no DWI or DUI convictions, and have no more than two moving violations in the past 12 months and not more than three moving violations on the entire three-year record.
 Must be able to lift and carry, including overhead lifting, 15-40 pounds or more on a repetitive basis during a 10 to 15 hour day with frequent bending, stooping, standing, kneeling, reaching, pushing, pulling and sitting.
 Must be able to utilize basic math skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
 Ability to communicate utilizing the English language in verbal and written form.
 Must not have a criminal history with a felony conviction or plead of no contest to a felony, or conviction of a misdemeanor resulting in imprisonment or a fine over $500 in the past 7 years.
 Must be able to perform the essential functions of the job.
Primary Responsibilities/Essential Functions of the Job:
 Reports to work as assigned, Sunday-Thursday on all regularly scheduled work days.
 Straighten CEW daily including.
 Level off beer on all pallets in CEW in a uniform manner according to A-B recommended layering per package.
 Pick up all debris on CEW floors including plastic, paper, pallet chips etc. & dispose of such matter.
 Responsible for identifying all damaged product – either returned from the trade or damaged in warehouse & place in proper location for repack.
 Empty all trash containers inside CEW & on back lot locations daily & replace liners as needed.
 Using floor sweeper & floor scrubber, maintain standards set forth by VED for facility cleanliness inside CEW & in drive-thru when required. This should be done daily (time permitting) and at a minimum, 3X per week. All beer spills should be mopped immediately and safety signs placed as needed in accordance with OSHA safety standards. All floors should be maintained at a consistent level that reflects the quality image of Anheuser-Busch and VED.
 Outside storage areas (breezeway, back lot, area around trash dumpsters, around shop, along fence line.) should be kept free of all trash and all other debris. All trash containers must be emptied daily and liners replaced. Pallets and empties should be stacked properly and in a neat manner at all times.
 Draft cooler should be kept clean at all times including the walls and floor. All product should be kept in a manner that facilitates easy access/location of various brands & packages by all members of the sales & delivery team.
 Periodically (usually 1X/wk) reload dunnage items/empty cooperage to be returned to A-B utilizing guidelines/loading procedures set forth by A-B.
 Orders for bulk delivery routes should be picked according to pick sheets and staged in designated location. All beer orders should be pulled in the following manner:
o Packages should be pulled and stacked on pallet as evenly as possible to ensure safe transporting of product.
o Each package picked and loaded must be circled on the pick sheet at the time the original quantity is picked.
o Individual packages should be loaded in a uniform manner in order to make handling and counting as efficient as possible.
o Upon completion of an order, a second verification count must be performed on each package and quantities must be circled a second time.
o Pick sheet must be initialed by order picker.
 In the event an employee in another warehouse position is absent from work, it may be necessary to fill in for that position. Therefore, cross training for other warehouse positions in order to become familiar enough to fill in, is required. Filling in for an employee on the night shift, as an order picker/truck loader will be required on occasion.
 All pallets in CEW should be leveled and condensed at the end of work shift. Loose plastic must be removed and disposed of, all trash should be removed from CEW & any spills must be mopped at end of shift – returning CEW to a level in compliance with quality controls standards set forth by A-B.
 Forklift operation is required in daily job functions. As such, forklift certification must be maintained and all inspection paperwork, including pre-shift inspections and basic maintenance requirements must be performed daily.
 Strict adherence to the dress code policy including wearing the required uniform shoes or boots and shaving on a daily basis (for male employees) to ensure a positive company image at all times is required.
 Adhere to strict safe working practices, company policies, rules, regulations, correct obvious hazards immediately or report such hazards to a supervisor if not immediately correctable.
No phone calls please.
Job Type: Full-time