compensation: $1000+ per week  
employment type: full-time  

Revolt Home Products has entered the Houston market and we are searching for talented individuals in the area to join the fastest growing brand awareness company in the country. We work in a dynamic, fast paced setting. Prospective applicants who are searching for a job in a typically dull office environment should not apply. We are looking for people with drive and ambition that move into open leadership roles after a short time on the job. As we continue to grow, we need people that can grow with us.  
The only things we require from an applicant are: 
- Strong interpersonal skills for interacting with both consumers and other team members 
- The ability to self-motivate with little oversight 
We prefer but do not require: 
- Fluency in both English and Spanish 
- Reliable Transportation 
- Experience in interaction with consumers (sales, customer service, cashier, etc) 
To schedule an interview, please call 832-767-5773. (9809 Rowlett Rd)
We are required to run a background check on each successful applicant. Anyone with a felony in the last 7 years or with an open warrant may be denied employment.