Job Title: Truck Driver (CDL Class A) Regional & OTR Driver Reports To: Dispatcher Probation: 3 Months  Job Summary: The driver will be responsible for the operation of a commercial motor vehicle for making pickups and deliveries. The driver will also be responsible for monitoring the loading and unloading of the truck. The driver must be able to stay out in the truck (OTR) for the days agreed in the application. The driver will also be responsible for maintaining the truck and the trailer in a safe and clean condition. Education, Knowledge & other Requirements: Possession of a valid β€œCDL Class A” Driving license. 1 year of verifiable driving experience preferred. No positive results for Drug and/or Alcohol test in the past 12 months. No more than 2 moving violations in the past 3 years and no more than 1 violation in the past 12 months. No major violations such as DUI, DWI, hit & run vehicular manslaughter, or a felony in the past 3 years. Must have Knowledge of the DOT Regulations, regarding driving and driver responsibility. Must be able to operate & maintain an ELD device and maintain a logbook, when needed, according to state and federal regulations. Must be able to do a pre-trip and post-trip inspection and fill out the necessary paperwork, every day. Must be punctual to work and be able to handle road stress and detention stress. Must be dependable and be able to work independently. Must be available to work 5-6 days a week. Must have friendly communication skills and be a responsible team player. Must have a smartphone with a data plan and email capability to receive dispatches and communication.   Daily Duties and Responsibilities: Drive a tractor-trailer to make pickups and deliveries. Maintain the ELD device and driver log according to the state and federal regulations all the time. Email the trip documents at the completion of each trip. Do the pre-trip and post-trip inspection every day, fill out the proper paperwork, report to dispatch, and take necessary corrective actions if any problems are found. Monitor the loading, unloading, and breakdown of products. Follow the proper pickup & delivery procedures, as described in the policy. Maintain good communication with the office. Be able to follow all other company policies. Any other jobs and duties assigned by the manager. *If you fill out the application within 24 hours and start working within 7 days, you qualify for a sign-on bonus of 3,000 payable, $100 per week!   Compass Carrier Inc. Phone: (469) 405-9606 Email: