The job title is "Clerk". It is at a gas station. The hours will mainly be 10 pm - 6 am on the graveyard shift. The days will vary, but it will be a minimum of 5 days per week.

Duties: Cleaning the inside and outside. This includes cleaning and emptying the trash cans, sweeping and sometimes scrubbing down the parking lot, and cleaning the gas pumps nightly among other duties. The inside includes stocking all coolers and cleaning all aspects of the interior which will be further discussed during the interview. As the full-time night clerk, there will be other duties that will be again discussed during the interview process. Because the main door will be locked, all customer service will be through a window. However, that does not diminish the importance of providing excellent customer service.

Experience: A basic understanding of simple math (calculators are provided) and the English language is minimum. While no actual experience is necessary, any experience will be a plus. Training in all areas is provided and compensated for. Must be able to lift approximately 15 - 25 pounds or a 24 pk. case of soda/water on a nightly basis and a 10 gallon water bucket.

Background Check: You must be able to pass a basic background check. This includes a check for felonies, felony convictions, and anything probation/felony related during the past seven years.