Yard welding and manufacturing 
Manual Laborer and Driving Duties are required along with Welding  
To Apply:  
Request application: info @ alpinesites.com 
Fill out application at our office: Industrial Sales and Service 10875 Dover Street, Unit#1100, Westminster, CO 80021 Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm 303-420-0048 
Welding Requirements 
Pass Pre-Employment Drug Screening 
Pass Background Check, no felonies in the last 5 years. 
MUST pass welding test 
*Previous 3G certification a plus 
MIG Welding, stick and wire feed 
Weld Vertical, overhead and flat 
Must be able to lift, push and pull 75 lbs. 
Heavy Lifting Required 
Position Duties Require (must be willing to learn skills below): 
Welding plate to plate 
Welding plate to pipe 
Press plate material using hydraulic ram 
Use of Band Saw 
Use of Plasma Cutter 
Use of Cutting Torch 
Use of Demolition Saw to Cut Steel Pipe to be welded 
*Load Trailers and Secure Loads for Interstate Transport 
*Secure Equipment for Interstate Transport 
*Pass Test and Operate Forklift and/or Skid steer 
To Load Trailers for Interstate Travel 
We are an Interstate Transportation & Construction Company; these Welding positions contain safety affecting job duties that fall under the Motor Carrier Exemption act and are therefore exempt from Overtime paid at time and 1/2 for hours over 40. All hours worked will be paid at Straight Time.