Job duties for Debone- cuts up some turkeys into parts: breast meat, legs/drums, thighs, and wings. This work is done in the debone department. These jobs require the use of knives to cut turkey parts off of whole turkeys as they move through the department on a cone line. Other jobs in this department use knives and scissors to cut and to trim the deboned turkey parts. This department stays at about 40° F (4° C) throughout the year, and it is a damp working environment.


General Requirements-

Must be at least 18 years old ? Must be eligible to work legally in the US ? Must be able to pass a drug screen at any time during employment ? Must not have any felony convictions in the last 7 years ? Must be able to stand for 8 hours or more during a single shift ? Must be able to work in the conditions described for each department ? Must be able to learn to do jobs within specified time frame ? Must be able to attend work in accordance with management expectations