Workforce Alliance and our partners have been working for many years to devise new ways to assist ex-offenders in their re-entry to the world of work. Some of the projects have been pilots, and others are regularly offered to all ex-offenders. 

 What kind of jobs are ex-offenders likely to get? 


    Warehousing & stock work 


    Lawn and tree maintenance 

    Trades apprenticeship 


What kind of employees do ex-offenders become? 







Targeted programs to increase the success of ex-offenders in the mainstream: 


    Out-of-School programs targeting youths involved in the Juvenile Justice System 

    β€œFresh Start Program” a pilot funded to serve 15 ex-offenders 

    β€œTimeZup” anti-gun campaign 

Common barriers to employment, in addition to ex-offender status, include: 


    Substance Abuse 

    Mental health issues 

    Lack of training and education 

    Lack of employment history 

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