We are a staffing agency for second chances, meaning we help people with criminal records find meaningful, full time, long term employment. Any job you get placed with from us is a job you can move up and stay with to get benefits to provide for your family. 
Please see the job openings below. Please note the shift times as well as the background requirements. Please apply to the job that is a fit for you. We will be interviewing to fill MANY positions IMMEDIATELY. 
Production Technician/Warehouse worker: $14.75/hour 
Location: Cedar Hill 
Shifts available: Monday - Friday 
1st shift: 6am-2pm 
2nd shift 2pm-10pm 
Background requirements: No first degree felonies and no assault charges. 
Transportation: This job is NOT off the bus line and requires reliable transportation. 
Click this link to apply: https://jobs.lever.co/cornbreadhustle/6b94b87b-b819-4cb5-b838-ca60e8e6edf8 
Assembly operator/ Warehouse worker: $11.50/hour ($13.50/hour for 3rd shift workers) 
(After 90 days, you will receive a  raise every month for 3 months to get $15.00+/hour!) 
Location: Duncanville 
Shifts available: Monday - Saturday 
1st shift 6am-2pm 
3rd shift 10pm-6am 
Background requirements: Very open. All considered. 
Transportation: This job is one mile from the bus line. Perfect if you have a bicycle. 
Click here to apply to this job: https://jobs.lever.co/cornbreadhustle/a911ad93-350f-4c28-85fe-8b268c78d55a 
If you can pass a drug test and willing to show up to work, we would love to help you get on track with your next career. Many people at both of these jobs have moved up making large salaries and providing for their families long term. These jobs are NOT your ordinary temp jobs. These are actual career opportunities. 
To learn more about cornbread hustle, click this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSCLnk-W2XY 
Apply today! We want to meet you!