Is your background giving you problems getting a job? Call MT Training Center to see how we can help get you into a 
well paying career in background friendly industries. Consider CDL Truck Driving or Combination Welding Training. Call 972.262.5395 or schedule your tour.  


  CDL Overview: 3 CDL Training options:   

•3-week Refresher Course or Drive Time **  

•6-week CDL Training (permits, road test, DOT Physical included) ***  

•4-month Advanced CDL Training- Owner Operator Course (permits, road test, DOT Physical, endorsements and extended driving practice included)****  



Welding Overview:  

-8 Month Welding Course  

-Financial Aid Available  

-Day and Night Classes Available  

-Graduates will graduate proficient in MIG, TIG, Flux Core and Pipe Welding through hands-on learning   

-Learning to read Blueprints  

-Job Placement Available   



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