Your Flyers Delivered is a locally owned company specializing in providing a variety of quality marketing services that meet the needs of businesses. We strive  
to provide our clients with the highest quality service at the best possible price. Value is always the goal and the communities we serve are always our focus. We are seeking team oriented, dependable individuals, to join us in the position of: 

Door-to-Door Flyer Distributor 

Join Your Flyers Delivered in a Full-Time or Part-Time position canvassing customer homes. Duration is indefinite based on performance and reliability.  
You will be provided a map (areas are pre-counted as one of the verification processes) depicting areas you need to flyer and keep accurate track of areas completed. A GPS unit or company GPS enabled phone will be assigned to each person to track all coverage areas. The GPS software enables us to view cookie crumb trails of every house and street flyered in Real-Time.  
At any time, you are not allowed to dispose of any flyers. Flyers are considered business property and disposal will result in Felony Destruction of Property and Theft of Services charges to be filed against you. Dishonesty will NOT be tolerated. We have an in-house investigator for these incidences.  
This position does not require sales and focuses on hanging marketing information on doors within the community.  
Salary is 12 cents per flyer for house distribution with a daily minimum of 500 flyers. Qualified walkers have the opportunity to do more flyers per day if available. With apartments, the workload increases to 600 flyers with a $60 rate. The average walker makes about $12-$16 per walking hour and the average workday is 5 hours. Payday is every Friday with a pay schedule running every week from Friday-Thursday.  
The ideal candidate is extremely reliable and can work independently. MUST have access to reliable transportation (vehicle is REQUIRED on-site), MUST be physically capable of handling walking 4+ hours per day, MUST have a cell phone to text updates for tracking purposes, MUST NOT have any active warrants (sometimes walkers are approached by Police Officers to make sure there isn't any foul play), MUST speak fluent English, and MUST NOT have a violent record. Please specify if you have had prior experience.  
Please respond by email with why you feel this is the position for you, what your availability is, if you've had prior experience, date you are available to begin, and the area of town you live. 
ATTN: Door to Door Flyer Distributor 
Equal Opportunity Employer.