• Spanish Speakers - ok 

  • Felon Friendly 

  • Ensure furniture product number matches Dock Sheet 

  • Unpack, prepare, assemble product quickly, and efficiently 

  • Ensures that furniture does not have any damages or flaws 

  • Prepares customer’s orders and arranged order 

  • Efficiently prepares customers’ orders and ensures that outbound furniture is properly assemble 

  • Conducts operations in compliance with OSHA standards and in a manner that promotes safety 

  • Ensures that the correct number and type of product is prepared 

  • Responsible for the completeness and correctness of all orders filled 

  • Inspects and performs minor maintenance on the equipment 

  • Maintains a clean work area, free from debris, warehouse floor 

  • Meet company standards for productivity 

. Requirements: 

  • Must be 18 years or older 

  • Assembling furniture using nail guns/glue 

  • Sanding furniture 

  • Quality Control 

  • Installing brackets, door knobs 

  • Reliable Transportation