How would you like to turn your ambition into job satisfaction? As a General Laborer at Loram, you’ll get paid to deliver advanced equipment, technology and services for major railroads throughout North America for a leader in the supply of railroad maintenance machinery and services—and you’ll never be bored. Our people are out there rain or shine, and no two days ever look the same, and they know that if they work hard, they’ll go places.


Starting pay ranges on average $2,500 up to $6,000 monthly during peak times depending on the machine and project you are assigned to! All locations listed for these positions are locations of the interview sites, not of the projects themselves. These positions will require constant travel and therefore will not have one location. Candidates are encouraged to apply to only one opening.



The contributions of each and every employee are rewarded with everything they need for a bright future, including a comprehensive benefits package with supplemental Medical, Dental, Life, Disability and AD&D Insurance, as well as a retirement fund with a highly competitive company match.



Typical work hours are 12-14 hours per day and 70-75 hours per week depending on operational needs, but you’ll get 2 weeks of unpaid time off following each 6-12 week rotation. You won’t be expected to relocate; however, the jobs won’t be based near the area you reside in. While we cover all work-related lodging and transportation to and from each job assignment, you would be responsible for all personal expenses such as food, phone, and laundry.

General Laborer - Pittsburg, KS

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Job ID 3355092 Date posted 11/01/2016

Interview Location: Pittsburg, KS


General Laborers maintain highly specialized railway maintenance equipment that is contracted to major railroads throughout North America. Operation of the equipment may also be required in addition to the maintenance.

Some required duties include, but not limited to, checking gauges and readings, oil and fluid changes, cleaning the machine, and basic to advanced mechanical repairs.



As a new hire, you can expect to earn between $35,000 to $45,000 your first year.


*Time and a half is paid after 40 hours per week. Typical work hours are 12-14 hours per day and 70-75 hours per week. Hours may be longer or shorter depending on operational needs.


*There is NO per diem for this position. Employees are responsible for all personal expenses including, but not limited to, food, phone and laundry. Loram does pay for hotel/motel rooms and all work-related travel to and from the job site (flights, buses, etc.).


The General Laborer position is entry-level and desirable candidates are required to possess the following:

*Ability to travel North America 100% of the time: Average travel assignments last 6 to 12 weeks in duration before returning home for a 2 week unpaid time-off period. The job will not be based near your place of residence and relocation is not required or expected.


*Mechanical ability and aptitude

*A comfort level on/around heavy moving equipment/large machinery

*Pass a pre-employment drug/alcohol drug test (paid by Loram)

*Pass e-RAILSAFE pre-employment background check (no felony convictions or probation or jail-time associated with a felony in the past 7 years, no outstanding warrants, and cannot have a serious criminal history) - see note***


***Loram’s railroad customers require that each Loram employee working on railroad property must have and maintain an e-RAILSAFE badge.  To obtain an e-RAILSAFE badge, a person must pass an e-RAILSAFE pre-placement background check, which is conducted by a third-party for the railroads. Loram does not conduct the background check, nor does it have any control over the process or criteria. Loram understands that this background check includes a review of a range of information, including: felony convictions or probation or jail-time associated with a felony in the past 7 years, outstanding warrants, probation or parole status, or other serious criminal history.  A criminal record will not automatically disqualify an applicant, and there also is an opportunity to provide further information as part of an appeal of any preliminary disqualification. FAQ can be found on the

website for the railroads’ third party vendor. See:


*Pass a motor vehicle check and be able to meet Loram’s Driving Policy (no major driving offenses within the last 2 years)

*Pass a pre-placement physical (paid by Loram)

*Successfully complete Loram’s 5 day paid new hire training, including a written safety exam



Candidates are preferred to possess the following:

*Welding, hydraulic, diesel mechanic, and/or electrical skills/education/training in addition to all the requirements listed above



*After completing your assignment you will receive a scheduled two-week unpaid leave

*Loram provides all work related transportation including transportation to and from your assignment for scheduled time off

*Loram provides paid hotel/motel accommodations while you are on assignment



Medical Insurance/Dental Insurance/Prescription Drug Coverage/Life Insurance/AD&D Insurance/401(k) with 150% match/Company Paid: ST & LT Disability/Training

We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer of Minorities, Females, Protected Veterans, and Individuals with disabilities.