If you live in the City of Charlottesville and have a felony on your record, this is the program for you. The Coming Home to Work Program is designed to assist those individuals disadvantaged by criminal records. If you are interested in being gainfully employed, please come by (OAR) 750 Harris St. Suite 207 Charlottesville, Virginia in order to fill out an application. All participants will be required to meet with a case manager each week in order to develop job readiness skills. The goals of this work program are to help participants gain valuable experience, develop solid work habits and demonstrate a willingness to have a second chance at steady, stable employment. If you have applied for this program before please apply again! We are especially looking for ex-offenders with experience in restaurants/prep cook/dishwasher, auto body repair, cleaning skills and receptionist/office experience. 



City of Charlottesville, VA Resident 

Must have one or more felony convictions 

Individuals released in the last year are encouraged to apply 

Must Pass Drug Screen 

Must be able to work 25+ hours a week 

Attend mandatory weekly Job Readiness classes 

Actively seeking full-time employment 

Must complete application and be interviewed 


Please come by to OAR on 750 Harris St. Suite 207 Charlottesville, Virginia to Apply