Inventory audits on SAP: 

- Early before production starts pulling anything, an audit will be conducted on the inventory to match what we have on the system is what we have on the actual floor. 
- Transfer the needed material to the floor during production 
- Communicating with the WIP lead as the WIP lead will be submitting a form on what is still on the floor of WIP and raw materials. 

Receiving POs on SAP: 

- Will be keying in the POs on the system during receiving the product and that conduct the following actions : 
- Verify the quantities and modify the purchase requisition to the receiving quantities. 
- Record the Expiration date on the product that received. 
- More responsibilities may be assigned upon hire. 

Job Requirements: 
- Must have experience in SAP program 

Additional Information: 
- No background check 
- No drug test 
- Benefits include medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and life insurance. 


Shifts Available: 
5:00 AM- 2:00 PM 

Job Location: 
Dallas, TX 

Bus Accessible: 

Call or Visit Us: 
939 W Jefferson Blvd Suite #113 
Dallas, TX 


Job Type: Full-time 

Salary: $11.50 /hour