Typically 40-50 hours per week,  
Manual Labor  
To Apply:  
Request application: info @ 
Fill out application at our office: Industrial Sales and Service 10875 Dover Street, Unit#1100, Westminster, CO 80021 Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm 303-420-0048 
Pass Pre-Employment Drug Screening 
Pass Background Check, no felonies in the last 5 years 
Minor maintenance on vehicles and trailers 
Able to speak, read and write in English 
Job Duties:  
Prep pipe for welders 
Cutting pipe 
Secure loads for transport to jobsites 
Unloading new pipe shipments 
Assist drivers in backing to hook up trailer 
Check service trucks for safety items, lights, brakes, horns 
Minor mechanical repairs - changing tires, etc. 
Assist other drivers, as helper, if needed 
We are an Interstate Transportation & Construction Company; these Laborer positions contain safety affecting job duties that fall under the Motor Carrier Exemption act and are therefore exempt from Overtime paid at time and time and 1/2 for hours over 40. All hours worked will be paid at Straight Time