We run the five state area and you would be able to come through the house every other day for your 10 hour and 34 hour breaks.
Our Drivers are running between 3,000 and 4,000 miles per week. pay is $1200.00 to $1,600.00 per week. You basically run your own schedule and pick the days you won't for your 34 hour breaks because the milk runs 7 days a week, with very little exceptions

All of our Trucks are 2018 Freightliners and International.

Requirements :

Must have at least one year of experience in the past 3 years of pulling Tankers.
We must be able to reach your passed employers to verify your passed driving experience, we can not hire without verification first, if your past employer has gone out of business we would need a copy of your w-4, or 1099 .
Can't have any 15mph over posted speed limits, and no at fault accidents, and no Felonies in the past 5 years.

Call Dennis at 817-899-8146