Attention I have 30 job openings for individuals who have challenges with backgrounds and drug screens . This job is through Elite Staffing in Bolingbrook and the name of the job is called Menasha it’s in Bolingbrook. There will be no drug screen and or background screen period. The job pays $11 an hour and you will be paid every Wednesday!! It’s 40 hours a week . The job title is a package handler . Packing cookies and candy, it’s very easy. The process is simple you will call Jeff at 7732364595 to schedule an orientation which you will need to have state ID, ss card and $10 for orientation fare . Which we will drive you to Bolingbrook to fill out online app and you will be issued a work ID and start working the very next day. Your first week you will only have to pay $25 for transportation. It’s discounted but after that you will pay fifty a week which translate to $10 a day. If you meet all these requirements and are serious then take advantage of this working opportunity pick up locations and times will be discussed at the orientation!