This is a weekend shift position.

Applicant must have the following traits:

- GREAT Attitude
- TEAM Player
- NOT easily frustrated
- Sense of humor
- Hard worker
- Willing to handle anything that comes up. (be flexible)
- Pleasant phone voice and mannerisms
- Professional appearance (you will be the first person people see when they come into the office and be our front-line representative)
- Be a multi-tasker (there will be multiple duties on top of answering phones)
- Detail oriented and take pride in their work

Applicant must have the following skills:

- Ability to handle multiple incoming calls at once.
- Ability to deal with difficult people in a kind, courteous and professional manner.
- Familiar with computers and basic software
- Ability to access and effectively utilize the Internet
- Reasonable typing speed
-Ability to type and file accurately

Cannot have:
a misdemeanor within the last year
a gross misdemeanor within the last three years
a class C felony in the last five years
a class B felony in the last 10 years
a class A felony cannot work with WSP

Please apply in person at
6511 N Perry St.
Spokane, WA 99217