General Labor
Airline Service Company hiring part time and full time Ramp agents at Cleveland Hopkins Airport
Must have Current VALID drivers license, Pass a pre-employment drug screen , have no serious felonies. SERIOUS FELONIES (SEE NOTE BELOW) Must possess either (a passport) or a (Social security card with a government issued picture ID) or a , (Original Birth certificate with a Government issued picture ID). Please have one of these if you intend to apply.
Must have reliable transportation and be able to withstand the outdoor elements. This is outside work loading and unloading luggage into and off of aircraft and you must be able to be able to withstand the weather and physical elements of the job.
Starting pay is 9.00 per hour with increases at 90 days, 6 months then annually. Shifts are primarily early mornings (0400 start) , Afternoons starting anywhere from 11:00 thru 4pm and third shifts starting between 8:30pm and 11:00 pm.
We work all 7 days a week including Holidays and weekends, Expect this and if you do not want to or you can not meet the above criteria please save your time and ours and do not apply.
We offer full time and part time, Uniforms and outer gear
If interested please call 216 267 9910 ext 13. Please leave a message following the information on the voice mail message.

The following is just a sampling of felonies that are “violent,” “serious,” or both:

  • murder
  • voluntary manslaughter
  • rape
  • any felony in which the defendant personally causes great bodily injury
  • kidnapping
  • robbery
  • carjacking
  • selling drugs such as heroin and cocaine to a minor
  • any felony punishable by death or life imprisonment. (Cal. Penal Code §§ 667.5(c), 1192.7(c).)