We are a National Company looking to get more people hired trained and in the field. We offer a great compensation plan for those who desire to work as an independent contractor with our company. We are only looking for a few remote from home positions but we really need people who are willing to travel up to 30 days at a time. The pay is from $40 an hour for auto adjusters and $250 an hour for Field Adjusters and $100 an hour for desk writers. You must be prepared to get your license, we will help with that, the qualifications are: 
• 21 Years or Older 
• Computer Proficient (email, photos etc.) 
• Ability to travel (Except Desk Writers) But we do hire traveling writers as well 
• Excellent Customer service Skills 
• No felony for insurance fraud or armed violence 
• Construction / Military and Customer service experience are all great fits 
You will be mostly in state but must be willing to travel to catastrophic locations with your teams. This is an opportunity to earn 6 figures in 6 months if you have the schedule. You can work daily claims through the year and expect to make $1,000 a week when not deployed and up to $6,000 a week when deployed. Training is online then we will train you in the field for a 1 day in your city. If you are interested and want to find out more call us or visit our website to find out more. 
National Claim Pros